With many years of experience in aerial work, Hélicoptères de France company is well-established throughout French Mainland but also overseas with a important base in French Guiana.
Sling load operations are mainly performed is the heart of the Alps and Pyrenees
Eager to satisfy our customers' expectations, we can provide all types of helicopter works

Mountain refuges supplying
Civil engineering
Load positionning
(pylons, roof-top units, swimming pools, ski lifts, air-conditioners, signs...)
Lifting all types of loads
(using "big bags", nets, concrete buckets, stillages, straps...)
Preventive avalanche triggering

Our quality of service is no longer to be proven but our partners' expectations prompt us to constantly improve performance.
We offer a wide range of air lift capacities for loads weighing up to 5 tons : all requests will be considered with great care.


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